Vedashree Learning

Vedashree learning pvt ltd is a company started by two engineers Deepak Pant and Ashis Saxena in 2018.

The motive behind to start the company is to grow the person's status level, life & personality through learning.

Vedashree learning is not just a company, it is a thinking, its a life style, which says, "by learning we can achieve what we want in our life."

"We can achieve those things in our life, which looks impossible to others - By learning."

Our Story

In Hindu culture, Vedas are the first written scripture which includes everything, how is life lived, how it shall be. Vedas are the pure knowledge source on earth. Similarly Vedashree Learning Pvt. Ltd. wants to educate people, inspire people, how to use learning to improve their status.

Since learning never goes waste, investment done on learning, be in it any form, as money, time, health will always give return, that too more than expected.

Hence the company is started with this thinking and mentality.

Our Mission

To create an automatic platform, where people helps each other to achieve excellence.

Our Vision

To inspire people towards learning to achieve excellence.

Our Values

Honest & Open communication.
100% committed to clients.
Culture based on Integrity & ethical values.
Quality in service to customers.

Meet the Team

Meet the people on mission to change education system of this country.
And what is good? Both are like-minded people, people from education field - who are determined to provide services in the field of Education.


Deepak Chandra Pant

Founder & CEO

By education, he is an Electrical Engineer, By profession he is an Educator & by passion he is a researcher and investigator of LORD SHIV.


Ashis Saxena

Co-Founder & CEO

By education, he is a Mechanical Engineer, By profession he is an Educator & by passion he is a hardcore biker, gadgets lover and earning his life by online freelancing.

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