Team Editute believes that, in order to improve Education System, teachers shall be developed, as teachers are the base of education system and hence at Editute, we have initiated to connect talents, in any field, with those who are seeking skills and want to contribute to development of society, by developing themselves.

Guruji Uttaraakhandi

Guruji Uttaraakhandi is all about Uttarakhand. Here we teach about Uttarakhand, talk about Uttarakhand, eat Uttarakhand, Breathe Uttarakhand, Sleep Uttarakhand. Want to know more about Uttarakhand? We are on mission to become Uttarakhand's no. 1 channel and portal.


Financial Freedom is the dream of everyone. It can only be taught by those who themselves are living this life. Hence through TodayIGiveUp blog and YouTube channel we are teaching others how they can live their dreams in their life standing all for themselves.