How can a country develop? To answer this question, one can add a lot of points including, eradication of 

corruption, respect of traffic rules, eradication of casteism, payment of taxes honestly, no talk of religion and casteism, eradication of speaking of foul language, improving our attitude about others and about everything in life to name a handful points out of million possible.

However if someone want to dig deep in this, we can easily find that it is not possible to accomplish by just one or a few of us. The root cause of everything is what someone gets throughout his life. Yes you get it right. It's education. We start getting education right from the time we open our eyes and step into this world. When does it ends? It ends at the time we close our eyes permanently. At every second between those points, we keep learning.

So we can divide the world into two type of people. One who are learning and one who are teaching. And those two, are not different people. One might be learning something and teaching different thing. So all-in-all, we all are learners and we all are teachers.

We - at Editute - would like to call, "All of us" as Educators. "All of us" - who teach stuff which can be anything. "All of us" - can be of any age. "All of us" - can be of any gender. "All of us" - can be any caste, any creed, any religion, any region, any language speaking, any nationality, any color, even anything.

Coming back to the point, "development of country", we need to build a strong education system for the same. A system where everyone is educated and skilled. We might have grave interest in anything, but we may not have resources to transform and develop the interests into skills. And if someone is not educated & skilled, he has limitations in developing himself and hence the development of a country is hindered.

However in this E-era of learning, we have many options with us, provided we want to learn. Today, we have this something worthy in our hands, a Mobile phone & with increasing speeds and decreasing rates of data and Internet, we can convert this worthy tool, to a powerful learning tool, at the convenience of our lives and time.

Hence, we - at Editute, have initiated to connect those talents, in any field, with those who are seeking skills and want to contribute to development of society, by developing themselves. Additionally we also think that in order to improve education system, and hence education, we need to support talents - as they are the people responsible for leading learners to correct path.

Interested in contributing to develop the society?

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