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Nov 09, 2000 was an historic day, when Uttarakhand was born as a 27th state, with 2 regions and 13 Districts. This hilly area of Uttar Pradesh was considered as backward and hence a new state was established for all round development this backward place and its people. But after so many years passed, and with such abundant natural geographic Prosperity, still the state of Uttarakhand is standing with so many challenges in front of it, let it be Social, Political, or Economical challenges.

Fighting with those challenges is not possible with just one or few people, be it Politician, Government Officer, Social Worker, Teacher, Businessman or anyone else. For it each and every person, community, caste and creed shall come together and move ahead in life with self and each other’s help. Because it is said, “God helps those, who helps themselves.”

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If YOU answered YES to any one of these, then YOU are at a RIGHT place. Guruji Uttaraakhandi.

In order to develop Uttarakhand, its people, its communities, preserve its culture and increase its reach to entire world Guruji Uttaraakhandi was started in 2016, as an offline coaching center and later on as a YouTube channel, which is now grown to more than 11000 subscribers with your love and support.

On our YouTube channel we upload videos related to Uttarakhand history, geography, tourism, culture, Govt. exam, Uttarakhand people, UKPSC, UKSSSC, UPCL, UJVNL, PTCUL etc.

जय भारत !!! जय उत्तराखण्ड !!!

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