In a lot of phases in my life I felt like, giving up in life, job, business, family. At that time my wife, my (and our) dreams & my self-motivation stand by my side preventing me from giving up. Also I am a strict believer of one thing. “The night” is the biggest de-motivator of all. One day you are a lot motivated, you sleep, you wake up and its all gone. That “each day” is the major challenge of life to re-gain hold of self and remain motivated. I feel that I resemble to a lot of people out there & they feel the way I feel.

Another thing I always notice is that, the newer generation these days is a lot practical, but they are less confident & not in the right path of their life. They need guidance, motivation and inspiration to lead a good, deterministic, goal oriented life in the right direction.

I am a teacher in real life and the principle of my life includes helping & guiding others to all my possible capacities and capabilities. I keep trying to motivate students so that they can open new ways for their life and try to achieve everything they ever dreamt for, and not give-up. And after everything, I never had GAVE-UP. And remember, the dreams? Hence this product - TodayIGiveUp.

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